The Rise Of The MGTOW Movement

There are a lot of bitterness and irrational behaviors within the MGTOW movement. MGTOW movement has exploded in recent times. Whilst one can easily blame these men for being selfish and greedy.

Are they the true reflection of the environment that harvested them? Why has it exploded in recent years? Why is it happening? There are many factors that are causing MGTOW’s to soar in popularity.

MGTOW believe they are no longer stupid people as they have been in the past. Gone are the days of a traditional family life where you have met the man as the major breadwinner and the woman who works as a part-time or a full-time domestic housewife because no more jobs for life, the corporate world turned obnoxious with outsourcing and the employment specter has gotten extremely competitive.

So where a man could rest on a career? He no longer has the luxury. A full-time job is a very difficult thing to find these days especially on a good middle-class income with benefits. These jobs are being killed off by the corporate sector.

The other reason that MGTOW movement is moving so far ahead and turning extremely vicious is because of the ungrateful and meandrous spouses. Thus, men are sick and tired of sacrificing themselves for women and starting to get out of the traps that modern marriages contain.

Another reason the MGTOW environment is exploding is because of technology. We now have the internet and people are aware of what MGTOWs are, too much feminism and that women are usually favored by the law. Moreover, statistics reveal that women lose their sexual interest after just 4 years of being married.

Furthermore, MGTOW movement is rising because a lot of guys these days do not see traditional family as their core goals. A lot of men want to travel and they want to do things themselves. Having a family that’s a huge wealth hazard and having a family raising the next generation is a huge expense which a lot of MGTOWs do not want to follow.

On the other hand, there are different degrees of MGTOW and not all MGTOW men think that all women would ruin their lives if given half the chance. There are men who still interact with women, perhaps casually befriend them, even sleep with them but they are very careful not to intertwine their lives. Certainly, not to share assets, live with a woman or marry one.

Perhaps, MGTOW is a logical and strategic response to the feminist world in which we live. Men and women alike suffer in this life, deal with injustice and deal with broken relationships. All of life involves risks, you have to suck it up and deal with it.

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