Sexless Male: Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid

Men want to find a loving girlfriend. They want to find a relationship, to be loved and to be accepted. However, that primal instinct of a guy wanting to have sex with women does not go away. It’s just in built into their masculinity and if they’re not getting it, it’s quite hard to focus on anything else in life.

For men, no matter what you’re achieving in your career or how good your relationship is with your family, if you’re not having sex with women, it can leave you with an empty feeling.

You’re Not Going Out Enough

The guys that are not getting any action basically just don’t go out enough. They might have met a girl six months ago or a year ago, or they went out three times last month, for the most part, guys that don’t go out enough, just don’t get laid. If you sit around the couch and watch TV or just waste time on the internet that really aren’t changing your life, then you don’t get a knock on the door. So, if you want to get laid or want to get women into your life, you’ve got to go out to meet them.

You’re Not Approaching Her Enough

Even if you’re going out plenty, how come you’re not getting laid? Reason number two is you’re probably not approaching enough women or you’re not approaching her at all. There’s an obvious reason why you need to approach a woman to get somewhere, because she thinks she’s just going to be something that you look at and there’s no connection between you.

No Sexual Attraction

Another reason why you need to approach women has got to do with attraction. Most likely you’re not making women feel the sexual attraction for you. Women mainly feel the attraction for how a guy it makes them feel. If you don’t go over and talk to her and attract her with your best qualities, what is she going to judge you on? Nothing else but your style and your looks and if you’re not the best-looking guy in the world, then you’re not going to attract a girl.

You’ve got to make women feel sexual attraction for you and make them feel it when you talk to them by the way that you’re looking at them, treating them and touching them. Your body language adds up to making her feel sexually attracted to you.

Lack Of Confidence

You’re not getting laid because you don’t believe you can. A lot of guys secretly go through life believing that women don’t want to have sex with them because of their insecurities. If you go through life with that, that’s what your life is going to be.

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